An Opus One Trad. Dixieland Band usually consists of 1 trumpet, 1 trombone, 1 clarinet, 1 banjo, piano, bass and drums. We can supply down to a 4 piece consisting trumpet, clarinet, banjo and tuba.

An Opus One modern jazz band usually consists of 1 vocalist, 1 sax, piano, bass, drums. This band could play Jazz, Rock & Roll, 60's, 70's, 80's, Foxtrots, Q/Steps, Waltzes and would be more versatile.

A roaring 20's/ early 30's swing orchestra. The lineup is 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, 4 saxes, banjo, piano, tuba, drums and 1 male vocalist, 1 female vocalist. This band can cover dinner music and would play for dancing : Black Bottom, Jive, Charleston, Q/Step, Waltz, Foxtrot, Jitterbug. It's not suitable for modern pops because of instrumentation.

Our 5 piece Opus One Function Band usually consists of a female (or male) vocalist - MC / Sax - vocalist / piano - vocalist / bass - vocalist / drummer - It can be reduced to a 4 piece band by taking away the sax.

Our 13 piece Opus One Small Big Band usually consists of a female vocalist - MC / male vocalist / 3 saxes / 3 trumpets / 2 trombones / piano / bass / drums.

Our 11 piece Opus One Small Big Band - 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 3 saxes, piano, bass, drums, 1 female vocalist

Our Opus One Big Band consists of 5 saxes / 4 trumpets / 4 trombones / piano / bass / drums / 3 girl vocal group (the Satin Dolls) / male vocalist. 

Our Glenn Miller style band - feaures the Opus One Big band or Small Big Band dressed in genuine WWII US Army uniforms, the Satin Dolls (Andrews Sisters style) including dressing stage with sandbags, old mike, flags, posters etc.

Opus One Big Band and Strings features the Full Big Band augmented by a 10 piece string section.


Bands play for 4 hours maximum consisting of 3 x 1 hour sets with 2 x 1/2 hour intervals but could stretch these times a little if required. We can also provide CD's to play in breaks.

In addition to your main event, a pianist would do a maximum of 2 hours dinner music at extra cost but would need a 45 minutes break before the dancing but we could play CD's of your choice during this period.


Many of the events we play at are private functions and understandably it is somewhat difficult to make provision for spectators at these events. There are audio samples that you can download from our website which hopefully should suit your purpose. Should you require further then we are able to supply a demo CD but the samples for download should hopefully save you time. Please do help us to keep costs down by only requesting a CD if you really are interested in booking the band and cannot hear the MP3s.


The music/dance licence has to be applied for by your goodselves. Two musicians or less does not require a music and dancing licence. You will also need to insure the band members against public liability  if not covered in your public liability insurance



We require a clean power supply on 32 amp or 63 amp Cee-Form connector

We tour our own music stands with their own lighting for which we require 13 amp sockets spread both stage left and stage right at the rear of the stage and in the middle. We tour our own electric piano which requires a standard 13 amp socket.

We require access to the venue 6 hours prior to doors opening. We also require parking facilities for one large van. (The Band travel by individual cars or by coach, dependant upon distance). All parking should be provided at no cost to the Band or it's staff and be adjacent to the venue and as close as possible to the stage off-loading area as possible. Two vehicles need to have permanent parking as close to the stage area as possible for the duration of the show.

When booking your venue please make an allowance for both setting up and clearing away times of 6 hours prior and 2 hours after a function for a Big Band and 2 1/2 hours prior and 2 hours after a function for Function Bands up to 10 members.

For the Big band set-up we require the following lockable dressing rooms:
· One small dressing room for two people
· One small dressing room for one person
· One dressing room for five females - musicians / vocalists
· One dressing room for sixteen male musicians

All dressing rooms should contain a full length mirror, a 13 amp power point, table and chairs and a coat rail to suit the number of persons occupying each dressing room.


We require a flat wooden floor, if possible raised, 2 feet from ground level. 4 seperate 13 amp sockets with safety cutouts. Provision for siting our mixing desk beside the band and stacks of speakers to each side and slightly forward of the band on a firm level surface. Opus One come self contained including electric piano, music stands, music stand lights and full P.A. system. Disco type strobe lighting or theatre type stage lighting should be supplied by the marquee company as we do not include that in our equipment. Opus One have the facility to get special music arranged for the band but this does require a clear recording and six weeks notice. This is subject to the pitch being correct for our vocalist and maybe subject to extra cost. We do have an extensive collection of arrangements already. Failing this we can play any CD of your choice free of charge.

Hospitality Requirements

Opus One require coffee and tea for the size of band booked + 3 backroom support staff upon arrival for the designated sound check time and also between the sound check and the show start time which will usually be between the hours of 6pm and 7.30pm. Also between these times soft drinks and sandwiches (a selection of vegetarian sandwiches and chicken are ideal with crisps and nuts).


Big Band - Set lists are prepared for each show and can be tailored to your requirements. If you so wish we can supply you with a copy of our running order for your gig but this may only be available 48 hours prior to the event and is subject to change on the night.

Function Bands - Do not run with a set list as it is small enough to be flexible for each gig. Again we will try to facilitate special requests if possible and notice is required. The playlist that you can see on our website does not include the repertoires of our individual musicians who all possess their own music pads. For instance our female vocalist performs a diversity of music that includes Elvis, Tamla Motown, Best of the 60's , Abba, Spice Girls, Barbara Streisand to name but a few. Our male vocalists also have a wide repertoire of their own music and are even able to perform requests spontaneously.

MAPS - We would require a detailed map and directions to your venue 21 days in advance of the gig.


As soon as you are in a position to decide whether you wish to confirm the booking please let us know, we will then issue a contract. With that - we would ask for a signed top copy to be returned together with a 10% deposit to secure the booking. Assuring you of our best attention at all times.